The BooGhism Project


The BooGhism project is a collection of songs that grew over time through Michael’s many trials and tribulations that he experienced while growing and learning the lessons of life.

BooGhism, was the term that Tony Gelbard his friend and drummer coined when referring to the messages woven into Michael’s song lyrics. BooGhism, came to mean and reflect the musical project that encompasses a ten year period in time reflecting Michael’s life experiences through the music and lyrics of his songs on his debut album KAOS. 

About Michael


Michael’s musical compositions are a chronicle and reflection of his life’s travels and experiences.

Each song was written after contemplating and meditating upon world events and personal experiences weaving a tapestry of sounds and lyrics that span a variety of musical styles. Born and raised in Sydney, Australia he enjoyed the slow paced and laid back lifestyle of his surroundings.

Learning to play the guitar by himself and singing in school and synagogue choirs, he constantly found himself surrounded by many different styles of music and incredible musicians from all over the world. 

The New Album


After playing together for nearly three years we decided to go into the studio and record our set at its peak. The hours of jamming, rehearsals and gigs paid off and we laid down the entire album recording in a single two hour session, we were lucky because that’s all we could afford at the time. We then went back and overdubbed some of the guitar and vocal parts. All in all, it was an incredible experience filled with excitement and energy. What an experience…

I never realised how much energy, effort and patience was involved in getting a bunch of guys together to lay down a recording, it’s like the little secret that nobody ever discusses, everyone solely focused on their own part rarely raising their heads to see what else is involved.